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My Trickster Review

I finally watched the Trickster series. I did my best to watch as an audience member. I do like some of the filmmaking, there are beautiful scenes and great moments. I love the vfx on Jared. Visually, they had great moments from the book. I think I have to watch it a few times to […]

5 movies during covid

Yup.  I costume designed 5 movies during the covid pandemic.  It was stressful in so many ways.  Physical stress from the constant awareness of my and others surroundings at all times. Emotional stress from calming my mind that if I just partake with all precautions I “should” be ok. And just plain ol stress that […]

Monkey Beach

Monkey Beach is a supernatural mystery. Layering tragedy, humor and redemption, it tells the story of Lisa, a rebellious young woman who must accept her true heroic nature in order to save Jimmy, her brother who is lost at sea. Monkey Beach is set in the magnificent forests and waterways of the Pacific Northwest and […]

Kiri and the Dead Girl

These are the kind of movies that you have to do. Films that tell our stories as Indigenous. I am so proud to be a part of this creative team. I am blessed to be one of the Producers. I am honoured to be working alongside Grace Dove, helping her and her vision as Director. […]

Love On A Vine

Aaahh back onset making movies with the fabulous director, Lucie Guest. Film Fam Unite!! Day 1 was the best….walking amongst the trucks! Oh how I missed making movies. The fittings, the actors turning into characters, getting the truck ready, making a new covid plan and making it work. Solving problems, racing around to get it […]