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Monkey Beach

Monkey Beach is a supernatural mystery. Layering tragedy, humor and redemption, it tells the story of Lisa, a rebellious young woman who must accept her true heroic nature in order to save Jimmy, her brother who is lost at sea. Monkey Beach is set in the magnificent forests and waterways of the Pacific Northwest and […]

Watch Ten Thousand Nations – Chapter 1 Drama Scene

A quick search and the first email regarding 1491 is December 17, 2014 the next is a January 8 follow-up email from our first pre-production meeting for 1491: The Untold Story of the Americas Before Columbus. Now here we are at the unfolding of Ten Thousand Nations, a non-fiction book with short fictional narrative that […]

Red Snow

I have the honour to be part of the creative team on RED SNOW as Costume Designer. When Marie asked me to work on her upcoming feature film, I was honoured that she asked, and had trust in me to bring her vision to life. The script is beautiful. Stunning moments. We went to Yellowknife […]