tlakwa, Art Thompson

…telling my story

I am an Indigenous Woman, I come from two strong parents. Chieftainship lineage throughout all family branches. My name is Tlaa’kwa Hul’puulth, Copper Moon.

511 / “TRIGGERS”

Based on the true story of the groundbreaking Supreme court case, Arthur Ivan Thompson vs. The Queen of England In Right of Canada, 511. His experience in the Alberni Indian Residential School and the Nanaimo Indian Hospital.


The romantic tale of the Harpoon Rock and Thunderbird. Coast Salish legend tells of a harpoon hunter who selfishly hunts for himself; Thunderbird decides to teach a lesson of humility and greed.


Reality Television & Television Series about a highly cultural and spiritual family moving to the “Big Smoke” (Big City) [think the Addam’s Family but Indigenous]


Based on true events, we follow the life of a newly minted filmmaker and their new job in a film studio- we get to see the behind the scenes action and to find out the studio moonlights as a Swingers Club every Friday and Saturday night! Our cute girl thought swingers meant swing dancing. How long does she last in this world?