I have the honour to be part of the creative team on RED SNOW as Costume Designer. When Marie asked me to work on her upcoming feature film, I was honoured that she asked, and had trust in me to bring her vision to life. The script is beautiful. Stunning moments.

We went to Yellowknife and filmed in Dettah. Daily drives across the Great Slave Lake was humbling. Working with Tantoo Cardinal was as epic as I had imagined, and I was honoured when she was relieved that an Indigenous Costume Designer was part of the team, she commented, “Oh good, I won’t have to worry” with a smile. I take pride in that I take that level of responsibility away from the actor and let them do their job.

Official website: https://www.redsnow.ca

IMDb: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6670074

I’ll always remember, us all sitting in the production meeting, going through the script and we got stuck on the lead character has to go walking out barefoot in the snow. It went on for what seemed like 40 minutes, every one commenting and giving ideas on how we do this very important work, safety etc. I was sitting across from Marie Clements, and I finally raised my hand, and said, “I’ll do it.” She approved this idea and we moved on. I honestly didn’t know it was so involved. On the day, a vfx blood specialist came in our costume area and asked if I was ready. “For what?”

I ended up being the body double for Asana. For safety, I went out in the -45 degree weather while filming ON the Great Slave Lake and had the blood pack on and walked out, knife in hand, and triggered the blood pack to release the blood, dropped the knife….end scene. Then we cut to Asana laying in the snow.