Ravens Clan

A one hour family dramedy – a multi-generational highly spiritual and supernatural Indigenous family

There is beauty and magic in Indigenous culture.  
The supernatural and spiritual resides in Indigenous story.
Our family has to learn how to coexist with non-Indigenous in the big city and they struggle with their new-found powers.

Meet the Family


Gramma and Gramps guide their family into their new found powers and discover the truths about themselves and the path which the creator has laid out for them.

Gramps is a happy-go-lucky kind of guy, he loves his walkman and all his old tapes of back in the day on the dance floor.  He mentors Raven and Raven Junior in their role as Raven in this world.  He goes on and on of that time he stole the sun.


TANTOO CARDINAL — GRAMMA / Leader of the Seven Sisters

Gramma has been hiding that she has several brain tumors.  She will not ask her Sister for help, let alone tell her family what is going on with her.  Her secret is discovered and she has to deal with the mess and in doing so, she reveals her trauma in the Indian Hospital. She mentors her Granddaughter of how to connect to the Spirit World.

MICHELLE THRUSH — KATHY / Dzunukwa, Wild Woman of the Woods

Noble, a Chief’s Daughter.  She was raised away from her culture and is committed to learning about her Indigenous culture and has yet to discover her own powers.  Her perfectionism controls her more than she thinks trying to protect her scared little girl inside. At the end of the season, she goes back to school, she wants to become a Lawyer and help her Mother fight the good fight.


He is the newly crowned Raven, and is still learning his foundation and rights and gets embarrassed that he doesn’t know as much as his Raven Sr. and this feeling of inadequacy and lack of global education pushes him into feeling stupid, and he gets so riled up he disappears sometimes.  He wants the best for his children and protective overdrive crosses over into his new neighbourhood and the city at large


Sasquatch is definitely not who we think he is.  Samuel is scared, thinking he is going to get all furry, but the more he realizes the role of sasquatch, he starts to feel the weight of his responsibility.  Gramps becomes his mentor and shows him the ropes.  He joins the track and field team and learns how to control his strength and becomes a track star.


She is a true reflection of her Mom, strong like her Dad, quick like her Gramps and regal like her Gramma.  She is the Great Echo, the one who can look into the past and into the future.  She gets scared at times, overwhelmed with seeing the future, she just wants to be a teenager like the movies.  


Thunderbird is the great beginning and somehow has inadvertently shut off his powers.  He lives in the shadow of his twin, she was born first, he is always next.  He starts to believe he is the black sheep with no powers and all he wants is to fit in to his powerful family.  He becomes a people pleaser.  Little does he know he is the most powerful, he is Thunderbird.


Raven Junior is next in line for the Raven Throne.  We witness Raven teaching Raven Jr the ropes of being Trickster.  He is fluid and excited to be alive, he shape-shifts when he gets all excited about a story.  He creates Team Raven and him and his father help their neighbours in solving small crimes.

In this epic tale of the Ravens Clan’s coming of age and fish out of water- Mom and Dad do their best to be parents and encourage one another, with Gramma and Gramps guiding their family into their new found powers and discover the truths about themselves and the path which the creator has laid out for them.

The family has to learn how to coexist with non-Indigenous in the big city, the chaos unfolds within the intense family dynamics around Indigenous spirituality and other worldly experiences, within the chaos we learn of humility and humbleness.

The Great Upheaval – PILOT

The great upheaval of moving the family, Gramma still dies!?  But we realize Gramps is a ghost and he brings her back, with a message.  Samuel realizes how important Sasquatch is and grapples with the responsibilities.  Will Thunderbird realize that he controls his own destiny and has inadvertently shut off his own powers?  The Great Echo has a hard time figuring out the future is not a complete truth, ever.  And Junior realizes the only way he becomes Raven is with his fathers death.

Where we go…

This will be a fantastical ride into the Indigenous community and culture.  We will learn about who Indigenous people are and get a peek into their origin stories through supernatural storytelling.

Raven Stealing the Sun

The Boy Who Fell From Heaven

The Great Flood

When Fish Were Men

The birth of the Evil Spirit and the Good Spirit


Ravens Clan is
Modern Family meets the Addams Family.

Indigenous Family Values with the
Supernatural teachings.


Eric McCormack
He supports Gramma in her journey as her Neurosurgeon and her Advocate for her Indian Hospital past trauma.

Brandon Routh
He supports Samuel as a Mentor into becoming a Track Star, wants to push him into the Olympics.

Mena Suvari
She grapples with her underlying racist tendencies and “white-guilt” that she discovers with Raven Jr.



There are shows like Bones of Crows, and Little Bird depicting Indigenous History, and its overwhelming and sad.  

I want to showcase the Indigenous beauty, its strength, and the supernatural I have experienced firsthand.

I want to show how to sage and cleanse, I want to talk about a ribbon skirt and its importance, I want to share that we do in fact pay taxes.  And answer hard questions that non-Indigenous want to ask.

Carmen is now taking courses to embark on her new journey as Indigenous Showrunner.  To-date, Tricksters and Writers Program, Banff Indigenous Screenwriting Program, and the Whistler Film Festival.  Currently enrolled in Sundance Collab: TV Writing Core Elements and TV Writing five-month program.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN JOINING AS A PRODUCER, or in any other positive capacity,

Please contact Carmen Thompson, Showrunner of Ravens Clan

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