Murdoch Mysteries: Home For the Holidays

Thank you Murdoch Mysteries and costume designer Linda Muir for trusting me to assist in designing and building a part of your Christmas Special. I am thoroughly proud and excited to work with such a strong team. It looked stunning, absolutely stunning. And I didn’t know this episode was nominated for, Directors Guild of Canada 2018 Nominee, DGC Craft Award Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Television Movie or Mini-Series. Nice work team!!

I was contacted by costume designer, Linda Muir to design and create 4 Haida Warriors for their Christmas Special. I used artwork from Charles Edenshaw, a well respected Haida artist from Haida Gwaii. Each tunic is hand tooled and hand sewn from one piece of hide. I rented 9 cedar bark capes and pieced them all together to create 4 large capes and embellished.

Thank you to the Paula Amos and family for trusting me, and renting your cedar bark capes. They are intact and looked absolutely fabulous. Thank you to Polly Mccarty for trusting me and renting 4 of your beautiful cedar bark hats, they were perfect. I appreciate every ones help in making it all happen.

Onset of Murdoch Mysteries

I think the best part for me was when Dad’s bracelet was full screen, gorgeous.