Imperfect High

This was one was a doozy to start with!! I was literally wrapping Toes, and I got the call. Suzan, oh Suzan, she knew, she knew she was calling with a big ask, I could tell. I said, Ok, send me the script. I’ll let you know. Send me the dates and numbers too. I stopped wrapping out the costumes kit for Christmas on Your Toes and drive home to read this script. It was good. Imperfect High, Director- Siobhan Devine, Sherri Shepherd, Nia Sioux….I had to!! The timeframe for me, it starts in 72 hours. ?! ?!&# What?

I decided I had to! The script was great, the team is great! For me, high school clothes and some breakdown and some custom but most can be CKit rentals. (again, thank you Kadence Productions)

So, I went back to the kit lockup to start pulling for this show and away I went the next day on the 10 ferry, hit the ground running, no time for anything but racing in logical order to all the stores I have available to me before we go to camera in less than 14 hours. I managed to push thru Day 1 and 2 and start settling in, thankfully I didn’t start empty handed, the first block Designer had completed fittings and change cards. I was filling in the rest of the 80+% of the show.

It was a tumultuous start, but when I slowed down and started to focus, it started to get fun and the costume building began to be fun. The cast were great, they started relaxing and getting into a groove. I was getting comfortable with my new team and trusting our system.

Breakdown on this was fun! Great set! Love the art
We had fun with this character. Love his party look!