I love these kind of scripts. Super cute, love the story….and….there are COSTUME BUILDS!! My favourite kind of project. These builds are fun.

My team is great, love the director and producer. It’s been a great collaboration between us all. I am perfecting my way of working in covid. I’m still nervous about the exposure. So I’ve had to drastically change how I design. Thankfully, we work together as a team thru this all.

I laugh at the collection of bracelets we have to mark our covid screening and testing each day, I know mine has sadly surpassed the amount of concert and show bracelets I’ve ever collected <sadface> But, we safely go to work each day.

12 days of filming went by quick. I started with a very healthy kit of wardrobe options and had a very good first fitting with most of the cast before day 1, so it went pretty smoothly from the start. Yay teamwork, Kadence Productions thank you, tleko tleko