2009, I got a call to do a Nike commercial. Of course I say yes, and I get the information. I am not a huge basketball fan, I do know of Steve Nash because he is a hometown boy from Victoria, BC. And am of the era of Michael Jordan but for LaBron, I have no clue. After I hang up the phone, I do my research, to of course find out what the rest of sport world already knew, it’s LaBron James. I have a few days to collect pieces for the shoot. I gather bracelets by @nicolinaroyale and specialty pieces from stylist rental boutique. And the day of the shoot. A half day for stylist shoot then the rest, Nike wardrobe. It was a great day, everything went smoothly. I altered his personal jeans, you know, nothing fits properly. There’s a story in there, but all I have to say is I am blessed to have on my cv a job where I worked a day doing a Nike commercial with the NBA star LaBron James, then go to out for celebratory drinks afterwards with him and his crew. I love and appreciate his mantra, Success brings Success. #ipromise @vsa_designs

Here is an article years later, a piece he still wears, all these years later. Nice.