Urban Indigenous

During these crazy times, covid lockdown, work halted etc….brings financial crisis in many many instances.  

There are thousands of causes, fund raisers, websites to bring neighborhood together, creating online community etc.  My cause is my Indigenous people.  Specifically Urban Indigenous, we live in the city.  We have made the choice to not live at home, our Motherland.  I myself am from Ditidaht, Kyuquot and Cowichan.  

The issues are many, but all lead to the financial crisis leading to housing and food instability, mental health issues, … the list is long of the negative impacts we are all facing in these times of a virus pandemic.  My Uncle is organizing a movement to assist all Ditidaht, and this GoFundMe is specifically for the Urban Ditidaht.  Wouldn’t it be something to have this grow for all Urban Indigenous on Vancouver Island….