There is a special place in my heart for this film. Matthew Blecha…I love this guy! Impeccable, true filmmaker. I know anyone who gets to work with this guy knows, he is top notch and a brilliant in the DIRECTOR department. Ok, with all that out, I loved his script!!!

And I loved working with Matthew and all the cast in creating their looks. This is where I got to have fun with my first ever, table read costume fun!! Matthew loved the idea of me bringing in costume options and just letting the actors pick something to wear during their table read!!

I absolutely LOVED going through the CKit Studio and pulling all the outlandish sweaters, tops, jackets and earrings I could find and put them on everyone on camera. I have always loved a bowtie and most of the time it gets axed from the costume, but this time, it got approved!!

I remember being onset of this one and looking up during one of the takes and thinking, that is that noise??? You know us onset, a single sound that is seemingly off-camera all heads spin to find out what is that sound?? Well, I investigated, and was amazed at the sound all bingo dabbers make when everyone is hitting B6, I22 and so on…its loud when you really listen, sound dept knows what I’m talking about! Ok maybe not loud but to the sound mic and crew, its loud.