Shadow of the Rougarou

This one is very dear to my heart for so many reasons! The script, the director, the cast, the crew- all here for the true passion of making a movie!!! This show has passion, exciting storyline, love the characters- and I had fun putting the changes together for the cast.

I will always laugh about this one, because I never left the island, and all the filming was done over on the mainland. This is when my assist, Tinthi Tembo and I created a bond, a trust. She gathered cast info, she was onguard over there, point for director, producers, actors, and I was able to just design, just put it together. I would send things over, she would send things back, actors/director would send requests, I would alter and adjust accordingly. Then I would send garment bags over and the finals would happen and it worked. It oddly worked, sort of easily. I was focused on what I needed to build what I had to create and the rest was a quick adjust because the fittings went in a very purposeful manner. We got it done!

Very honoured to have been nominated for a LEO AWARD– Best Costume Design, Short Drama.

Great monitor photo, photo credit: Tinthi Tembo