As we all know, COVID-19 and mask wearing is in the news, proper wear, filter, shape etc, I did my own research, both online and made several masks to test and reviewed the videos and comments about wearing face masks all day.  I have finally designed a pattern I am happy with. 

Mask front and back
Mask front and back

My pattern is slightly different from the patterns out now, and the metal nose piece in mine is moldable to the face.  The metal mesh is 1 inch in width, so it covers the top portion of your cheek and molds to your face.  Double-layer cotton face mask with a filter pocket and comes with a template for the filter.  Each visible seam is a rolled hem, so it will last and is made of cotton for easy washing.  There is a pocket inside for the filter, each mask comes with a template for making your own filter.

Each mask is $25
Send me your measurements (from diagram below) and I will make your mask.
Contact me via email:
Anyone working on the frontline, email me
What you get:  one mask and one template to make your own filter
(read about filters below)

Mask in polkadot medium
Mask in polkadot

I am taking orders via email right now,  I will be making custom orders, and obtaining new fabric this weekend. Each mask is custom made for you.

Contact me via email:

I do wear my mask when I am making the masks, along with hand washing and being very mindful of the work being done.  

After spending a week reviewing companies like 3M and hospital sites regarding the filtration, I have found that there are several options, and it is a choice of the level of filtration you want – easiest and inexpensive liner is cut from the blue heavy duty paper towels (which you can find at canadian tire for $4.49 a roll) to hepa filter vacuum bags cut to use as filters.  

heavy duty shop towels at Canadian Tire
heavy duty shop towels at Canadian Tire

I use the blue paper towels and have a few cut so if I feel I need to change it because I coughed or sneezed, I can replace immediately and it isn’t as pricey as the hepa vacuum bag cutouts.  I would consider the hepa vacuum bags if I were in New York City, or caring for someone with COVID etc.  I am not a medical professional and do not take responsibility for how you use the mask.  

The covid-basics still apply, regardless of mask or gloves, wash your hands wash your hands and stay home if you can, go to the grocery store weekly, bi-weekly, not daily.  Let’s keep the numbers low Vancouver Island, Go BC!

I use the Amaco Wire Contour, it’s really easy to cut and use inside the mask.  I love the fact the mask holds to my face because of the mesh inside.  I hand wash my mask, and leave to dry.  Its not made for tossing in the washer and dryer, this is tried and tested!  

[link to Opus Art Supplies, where I buy my wire mesh, also can find the wire for the nose bridge if you prefer that design,

Thank you to Chek 6 for the interview and shout-out!

5pm Newscast – April 9, 2020

I watched this youtube video amongst many others, but I appreciate the actual testing by medical workers.  And this is one of the videos that got me to make my version.

And this video is where I got the interfacing issue inside the masks:

Love this new one, I am going to test a few masks out now after watching this today [04/19]: