A Vineyard Romance

Aaahh back onset making movies with the fabulous director, Lucie Guest. Film Fam Unite!! Day 1 was the best….walking amongst the trucks! Oh how I missed making movies. The fittings, the actors turning into characters, getting the truck ready, making a new covid plan and making it work. Solving problems, racing around to get it done, making sure every one and every thing is set and ready on the day. I think I clocked over 200+kms in less than 2 days. I now know many store owners and can drive around Kelowna without gps telling me where to go. Today is my first actual day off in 3 weeks, and I think I may actually take a day off. We’re making a movie!! I always knew this is where I belong, but having it taken away because of this global pandemic has enhanced- this is my world. I love it. It truly makes me happy. Keep it up Film Fam. #staysafe

I had fun with this one because I used a majority of my costume kit so the costume budget was spent wisely and we had fun. I also used my NY contact and had a glamorously beautiful wedding dress shipped, it landed the day of, but thankfully, landed in time for the scene.