The Living Breath of wǝɫǝbʔaltxʷ

The Living Breath of wǝɫǝbʔaltxʷ: Indigenous Foods and Ecological Knowledge Symposium brings together individuals to share their knowledge on topics such as tribal food justice and security, traditional foods, health, community, place, responsibility, climate change, and treaty rights. This event is co-planned and managed by The Living Breath of wǝɫǝbʔaltxʷ committee members who volunteer their time to ensure this event takes place every year. 

Indigenous peoples in the Northwest have maintained a sustainable way of life through a cultural, spiritual, and reciprocal relationship with their environment. This symposium serves to foster dialogue and build collaborative networks as we, Native peoples, strive to sustain our cultural food practices and preserve our healthy relationships to the land, water, and all living things.


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This year’s symosium is on  Friday,  May 4th  & Saturday, May 5th, 2018.

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