What’s The Matter With Alice – Television Movie – Nick Humphries, Director. Present day, thriller

Under A Lovers Moon – Television Movie – Danny Boyle, Director.  Present day

Kiri And The Dead Girl – Short Film – Grace Dove, Director.  1980’s, Pow Wow

Love On A Vine – Television Movie – Lucie Guest, Director.  Present day

Inheritence – Theatre – Herbie Barnes, Director.  Present day, drama

God’s Lake – Documentary Theatre – Britt Small, Director.  Present day

Monkey Beach – Feature Film – Loretta Todd, Director.  Present day, 1908, 1960, 1980.  Three major costume builds.  Representing Hailsa/Kitimaat Peoples & Culture

Missing – Opera – Marie Clements, Playwright, Peter Hinton, Director.  Gitksan Culture, Indigneous Culture

Made For You With Love – Television Movie – Lucie Guest, Director. Present day, drama

The Still Life of Annika Myers – Short film – Matthew Blecha, Director.  Present day & Netherlands 1945

Super Bingo – Short Film – Matthew Blecha, Director.  Present day

Red Snow – Feature Film – Marie Clements, Director.  1996 Canadian Army and Gwich’in First Nation 

Murdoch Mysteries, Season 11, ep.1119 – Television – Gary Harvey, Director. Drama.  Design and build 8 Haida Warriors, period: 1905 

Christmas Calendar – Television Movie – Alan Harmon, Director.  Present day

1491: The Untold Story of the Americas – 8 part Documentary – Lisa Jackson,Director.  Building and creating ancient/pre-contact costumes for: Amazon,Anishnaabe, Artic/Inuit, Argentina, Aztec/Mayan/Yucatan, Blackfoot, Brazil, Cahokia, Chile, Clovis, Cree, Incan, Iroquois, Kwaguilth, Maidu, Nuuchahnulth, Peru, Taos Pueblo, Sto:Lo

All My Relations – Documentary.  Stylist for Host segments

Jamie Foxx – Intuition Tour – Live Performance.  Designed leather jacket, pants & tshirt- opening outfit

Food Stamps – Webseries – Alfredo Ramos, Director.  Present day comedy

I Survived A Japanese Game Show – Live and Recorded Television – Styling both Hosts

Lake Dead – Feature Film – George Bessudo, Director – Thriller/Horror

Rolling – Feature Film – Billy Saleebey, Director – Present day Drama