Author: tlakwa

A Vineyard Romance

Aaahh back onset making movies with the fabulous director, Lucie Guest. Film Fam Unite!! Day 1 was the best….walking amongst the trucks! Oh how I missed making movies. The fittings, the actors turning into characters, getting the truck ready, making a new covid plan and making it work. Solving problems, racing around to get it […]


We won a Jessie award for Significant Artistic Achievement: Outstanding Innovative & Immersive Theatre! and now, we’re on the news! It was also nominated for:Outstanding Production (Large Theatre) & Outstanding Lead Actor (Darrell Dennis) Great work team!! Was a lot of fun working on this project. Largest script for breakdown so far!! So many […]

God’s Lake

A good friend/coworker of mine, Jimbo Insell recommended me for this one. Once the initial phone calls and emails happened and I read the script, I knew I had to do this one. It is important. It is a story to tell, it was unraveling as we were creating! It has a pulse. The voices […]


Missing tells a story everybody knows, about a woman no one remembers. Set in Vancouver and along the Highway of Tears, this music drama is being created to give voice to the story of Canada’s missing and murdered aboriginal women and girls, and to show that each and every one of these missing people is […]