Author: tlakwa

Love On A Vine

Aaahh back onset making movies with the fabulous director, Lucie Guest. Film Fam Unite!! Day 1 was the best….walking amongst the trucks! Oh how I missed making movies. The fittings, the actors turning into characters, getting the truck ready, making a new covid plan and making it work. Solving problems, racing around to get it […]

Watch Ten Thousand Nations – Chapter 1 Drama Scene

A quick search and the first email regarding 1491 is December 17, 2014 the next is a January 8 follow-up email from our first pre-production meeting for 1491: The Untold Story of the Americas Before Columbus. Now here we are at the unfolding of Ten Thousand Nations, a non-fiction book with short fictional narrative that […]


We won a Jessie award for Significant Artistic Achievement: Outstanding Innovative & Immersive Theatre! and now, we’re on the news! It was also nominated for:Outstanding Production (Large Theatre) & Outstanding Lead Actor (Darrell Dennis) Great work team!! Was a lot of fun working on this project. Largest script for breakdown so far!! So many […]

God’s Lake

A good friend/coworker of mine, Jimbo Insell recommended me for this one. Once the initial phone calls and emails happened and I read the script, I knew I had to do this one. It is important. It is a story to tell, it was unraveling as we were creating! It has a pulse. The voices […]

Julie and the Phantoms

This was so much fun!! Over 2 months of working in this build room. It was a huge time in my life. Work was needed and this type of work was perfect. Focus focus cut bead fold press stitch glue!