Made For You With Love

Aaahhhhhhhhhh, rom-coms, you kill me.

HAHAHAHA this one was tough,  I’ve worked on many a rom-com, I get the formula.  But when you toss in a wedding….no wait, toss in a wedding dress DESIGNER!!  Oh snap.  Now these sketches, designs, all come to life on the character in the movie. OH AND DO IT IN TWELVE DAYS!!

Script breakdown

Wedding dresses: 10

Weddings: 3

Days: 12+

4 main actors playing

and thats just the beginning of the breakdown of this movie.  I got the email, then the call, then the meeting.  I had to consider what this meant.  I DESIGN TEN WEDDING DRESSES AND PULL TOGETHER THREE WEDDINGS, on top of designing the rest of the movie, under budget.  And of course film schedule calls for three weddings, at the start, two on one day even!  **this is the day i lost my walkie, just sayin**

When I realized I could sketch and make this movie, is when I knew I wanted this movie.  How fun!  Sketch design, make, film!  Yes please.

I watched all the silly rom-coms, the weddings, the dresses, I sketched and paid homage to the twirl dress, ala, Carrie Bradshaw, Sex in the City, I thought of James Dean and Marilyn Munroe when I sketched the opening dress.  There was a pin that I came from for each dress.  Then added the Production Designer.  My team was brilliant.  Mary Olsen was recommended by her partner in crime, Tyler Olsen, whom I met on 1941.  And I HAD to get Jason Pillay, stylist of stylists and a true human.  Love Jason, he knows that.  And then game on! Casting Brendon Zub! Yes!  We worked together on The Christmas Calendar, so I called him!!

I am blessed to be working with Ken Shapkin, he is an amazing Designer and has a brilliant costume kit to pull from.  Because of this, I am able to costume most of the movie from the kit.  Leaving a large portion of the budget to the builds.  And build we did!

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