The Still Life of Annika Myers (short)

During the Dutch Hunger winter of 1945, ANNIKA MYERS traded her family’s treasured painting of a feast for rations. Now, at 84, she has found it, and she wants EVAN O’NEILL, the diligent retired manager of a grocery store, to help her steal it back. But is it truly the painting she hungers for? Evan, who has something of his own to reclaim, is faced with a difficult but life-affirming choice in this short drama, The Still Life of Annika Myers.

I love working with Writer, Producer, Director Matthew Blecha.  He asked me to Costume Design Super Bingo and we had so much fun, and I believe, that was when we realized we ‘got’ each other.  So he asked me again, and of course I said yes, to design his next short film, The Still Life of Annika Myers.

Once I read the script, I knew I wanted to be a part of this for many reasons.  I offered my own family lineage to the table.  I offered a few photos that I would then edit for film.  I love working on graphics for the big screen, and I took an old photo of my family’s and added our actress for a scene in the movie.

The costumes were fun on this one, and I made it happen during a Writing Workshop, Pre-Pro during a feature and a quick trip to the Island to make this one work.  I wasn’t able to be onset for this one, but it was fun during the fittings with all the actors and making the characters come to life during our live-costume table reads Matthew and I love.  Thank you Matthew for letting me have fun on this one!

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