A med student, a teenage runaway, a lawyer, a drag queen, a high school basketball player, a drug dealer, and a teacher all cross paths in the Ecstasy-riddled L.A. underground party scene. Rolling is a turbulent journey that takes a tough yet entertaining look at this unique drug phenomenon. With the pace and style of a documentary, Rolling captures the essence of Ecstasy culture, exposing the delicate balance of relationships and responsibilities with chasing this drug-induced euphoria.
-Believe Entertainment

Carmen came on set and saved our lives. The vivid picture on film for which we are so highly praised comes in large part from Carmen’s imagination. The ease with which the actors saunter before the camera also comes from the environment she created in the tight actors’ trailer. Truly, her gifts go way beyond the skills she demonstrated in this project as she is a gifted writer and budding producer. But needless to say, if you bring Carmen on your set, you will get a professional who exudes calm and has unique vision.
-Producer, Robyn Reiter

Sanoe Lake and Brent Stevens, and makeup and spfx artist Alex Noble in the back
Albert Rothman, Erin Cummings, Angie Greenup and Calico Cooper

This was my first feature!  I loved this cast and crew!  They welcomed me onset and taught me the ways!  I jumped on board because the original costume designer disappeared with all the costumes!  Seriously!  She wouldn’t answer her phone, she wasn’t at home!  So they panicked and my roommate was a Production Assistant and said, “My roommate goes to FIDM.” And that’s how it happened.  I literally looked up Costume Designing online and walked onset.  As nerve wracking as that sounds, I had been onset before, acting.  So I wasn’t that green to being onset and I thankfully had the Script Supervisor taking care of me, teaching me how to breakdown a script, and making it work.  It was a challenge and I learnt quite a lot stumbling through 3 weeks of filming.  I made my best friend on this movie, Garrett Brawith, the lead actor, he and I are best of friends, writing, producing!  Love that guy!  And the entire producer team, we are all still friends and my Cody Thompson, Writer/Producer, he and I connected like magnets and we are still Mr & Mrs. Thompson.  I will always love the connections we all made on this film.  This was a passion project and it pulled in everyone who needed to be there, and for the most part, are are all still connected.  Film Family.

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