Art is one of the traditional knowledge keepers in his community but he also has an MA degree from the University of Victoria in Indigenous Language Revitalization, where one of his goals is to help communities revitalize endangered languages and in the wisdom imbedded in these ancient languages.  He is a translator of Nehiyawîwin (Plains Cree) and seeks to interpret the etymology of words and concepts. He has spent much of his life learning to interpret traditional Indigenous tribal principles and philosophies and translate these holistic worldviews and paradigms for practical applications to modern realities.  In doing so, he shares the podium with some high profile public figures. Unlike motivational speakers who advise people to follow their dreams and work harder, Napoleon uses his self- deprecating wit and folksy wisdom to invite people to find their individual callings, work smarter, and tap into holistic knowledge systems to deal with the realities of a changing world.  With a reputation for being able to bring diverse people together, Art is available for keynotes, workshops, moderation, conference emceeing and youth mentoring.  Keynotes and large conference presentations can be booked through

For all other inquiries, please send a direct message.

Presentation Topics:

  • Indigenous Governance: Nation Building & Solidarity
  • Dances with Cosmology: The Spiritual Nature of Cree Language
  • An Indigenous Approach to Economics & Value-based Business
  • Freedom from Victim-hood & the Colonial Mind-set
  • Cultural Maintenance for the Urban Tribe
  • Cree Proverbs & Life-way Teachings
  • Leadership Strategies from the Smokehouse
  • Miyopimâtisowin: Ancient Steps for Personal Transformation
  • Rewriting the History Curriculum & Other Inconveniences
  • What Indigenous People Gave to the World
  • Indigenous Hunting, Foraging & Food
  • Moose Nose Soup & Comfort Foods from Mother Earth