edibles-02Art is an experienced hunter, forager and adventurous outdoor cook specializing in cooking over wood fires. He loves experimenting with food, combining his knowledge of plants and wildlife with home-style cooking and preserving techniques to create healthy, affordable meals that showcase Indigenous foods. Indigenous practices such as respect for food sources, outdoor cooking techniques, creating minimal waste, living a low-impact lifestyle, and ethical protocols and responsibilities are key to his relationship with natural foods from the earth. He shares his love of traditional foods through posting photos, videos, recipes and tips for hunting, foraging and preparing food. In addition to co-hosting the food series Moosemeat & Marmalade, Art is sometimes a guest instructor for cooking lessons with M&M co-host Dan Hayes of The London Chef www.thelondonchef.com in Victoria BC. To learn more about the show or enjoy some games you can check out the M&M interactive at www.moosemeatandmarmalade.com