5 movies during covid

Yup.  I costume designed 5 movies during the covid pandemic.  It was stressful in so many ways.  Physical stress from the constant awareness of my and others surroundings at all times. Emotional stress from calming my mind that if I just partake with all precautions I “should” be ok. And just plain ol stress that comes from designing a movie.

The first, Love On A Vine.  Lucie Guest, Director. Oh I love Lucie and am so happy to be designing for her again.  This was fun, we nailed it!! The last scene is so beautiful!!! The dress!!! Oh man, the wedding dress made it just in time.

Second, Under A Lovers Moon. Danny Boyle, Director.  First time working with Danny.  Had fun, he shoots fast and we’d run thru the call sheet!! Was fun and ironically being in a hotel made it safer I think.  We controlled our environment.

Aahhh and number 3.  This is the short film, Kiri and The Dead Girl.  Wow.  Stunning.  Spectacular even.  Was an honour to work with newly minted director, Grace Dove.  Our small team pulled it all together and we made a film.  Right up to the last second, we collectively stood together (with masks) and made something worth making.

And number 4.  This one was tough. Very hard to have crew who are very skilled at the job matched with crew who have never done this before. I’ve always said, just because you’ve been onset before doesn’t mean you can switch hats and do this film job. I remember an actor friend working as a wardrobe PA and he was shocked at the level of the Costume departments job and role in film.  It gave him a new perspective on film making. I have to see things to work it.  I didn’t see it.  That was my fault, saying yes to something I can’t see or have a sense of, I want to work on this.

Then comes number 5.  Wow.  Blood. A Death.  A surprise ending.  I was duped even.  I thought it was a different character who was the bad guy.  When I read, Alice, I knew I wanted to work on this.  And we had fun!!! Right from the beginning, the fittings, we had fun.  We slammed thru all the change cards and went to Day 1 with most change cards filled!! Flew thru our days and made a frikken movie!!! And at this point, I had refined how I costume design a movie during covid. 

At the end of the day, I’m home. I’m safe now.  I may sleep for 14 days of my isolation.  It was tough to maneuver thru the covid hoops, but we all did it.  No one on the movies I worked on got covid.  We ALL signed in, got a test everyday, we ALL wore masks no matter what.  And we made a movie.  The new department, Sani-Tech is a new added department in film, to which I really like ♥ actually