God’s Lake

A good friend/coworker of mine, Jimbo Insell recommended me for this one. Once the initial phone calls and emails happened and I read the script, I knew I had to do this one. It is important. It is a story to tell, it was unraveling as we were creating! It has a pulse.  The voices of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women/People need to be heard.  #mmiw

Once the initial costumes were created, I then went into builds mode.  I had Raven to build.  He is magical and spectacular, so I made to match point.

Raven was a great challenge.  How do I make him look spectacular behind paper.  This is how….



Now this journey of theatre is new for me.  When we revisited God’s Lake, 2019, I worked with co-writer Kevin Burton on redesigning the shadow character.  Collaborating with the writer of any production reveals so many threads.  We workshopped a new costume and I was able to create what the writer was seeing.  I appreciate these moments with writers.  On a side note, I had a GREAT conversation with Eden Robinson about Monkey Beach AND Wee’jit!

Here is the latest rendition of the shadow character in God’s Lake,

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